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Advanced modeling

At our core, we believe in deploying the right tools for the right tasks. Some problems are best suited for state-of-the-art AI, others for state-of-the-need linear regressions, and most are in between. Our in-house models cover a wide spectrum of necessities, and our willingness to co-develop with you will cover the rest.


With our robust platform, our clients can enjoy the benefits of precise energy short-term demand and renewable generation predictions without the burden of complex implementation processes and delivery.

Big Data Warehousing

With the ever increasing number of next-generation PODs, having a scalable and robust infrastructure has become of paramount importance. Our services alleviate this data engineering burden with a complete out-of-the box solution. Access ready-to-query insights from our serverless databases, eliminating the need to sift through millions of files. deliver the services you need


Precision meets practicality in our demand forecasting services. We understand the energy sector's need for both robust prediction models, accurate predictions, and interpretable results. Our fine-tuned systems are grounded in a strong commitment to accuracy and client empowerment.


At the intersection of technology and expertise, our DWH service transforms your data into a strategic asset. Securely store terabytes of metering data, swiftly access actionable insights, query and analyze your data with unparalleled ease in a matter of seconds.


Navigate the complexities of the energy market with ease, gaining all the insights you need without the data mining. Our services provide an easy and straightforward path to informed strategies.


Our weather forecasting solutions, tailored specifically for the energy market, provide highly accurate insight into the dynamic interplay between weather conditions and energy demand, allowing you to optimize your operations and enhance your decision-making.

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Simone Biondi
Chief Executive Officer
Nicholas Bonfanti
Chief Technology Officer
Manuele Aufiero
Chief Innovation Officer
Matteo Pacciani
Data Scientist and SWE
Matteo Scandolo
Cloud Development Expert

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