Our suite of services

With HelioSwitch Nextday you can enjoy the benefits of an accurate and robust forecast, without having to handle a complex data infrastructure, MLOps, and model maintenance.

We currently deliver short term forecasts for energy demand and renewables generation, with hydroelectric and solar in production, and wind in development. Our forecast infrastructure allows us to leverage the data of up to millions of PODs to deliver finely tuned forecasts, aimed at minimizing both errors and risks.

Our models are trained at multiple degrees of aggregations, up to POD-by-POD. This allows us to quantify errors, and thus costs, for each POD, delivering not only accurate forecasts, but actionable insights for your portfolio.

On top of this, we deliver easily-digestable monthly reviews of our forecast results, expected imbalance costs, and upcoming improvements, allowing you to stay informed, and focus on the high-level decision making.

A DWH is the bridge between your data and your knowledge. HelioSwitch Atlas transforms your data into a strategic asset: securely store terabytes of metering data , swiftly access actionable insights, query and analyze your data with unparalleled ease in a matter of seconds .

With the advent next-generation PODs, storing and accessing metering data has become of paramount importance. But being able to process billions or trillions of data points efficiently and easily is no easy task: that's why we decided to turn our internal high-performances DWH solution into HelioSwitch Atlas.

Our customer can access their data with our powerful database, and leverage high-level functions that transform daunting SQL scripting into clear and self-explanatory one-liners.

Full control and ease-of-use: attain both without compromise.

Navigate the complexities of the energy market with ease, gaining all the insights you need without the data mining. HelioSwitch Viewfinder provides an easy and straightforward path to informed market strategies .

With Viewfinder you can access offer-by-offer market data with ease. The data is provided in the same enviroment of our Atlas DWH, allowing you not only to effortlessy process every aspect of the market, but to align and compare it with the specificities of your portfolio.

With Viewfinder + Atlas you can stop making continuous assumptions and simplification when modeling the market and quantifying risks, and start taking into account the full picture, data point by data point.

Accurate weather modeling and predictions are at the core of our system. And they should also be at yours.

Our weather forecasting suite powers both our innovative solutions and your informed decisions.

These forecasts are specifically tuned for the energy sector and used internally by our out-of-the-box solutions, but can also be delivered directly to you.

We can currently deliver processed curves for both historic data and forecasts for temperature (both air and terrain), wind, precipitations, irradiance, and groundwater content. If you need more variables, or want custom data preprocessing, we are more than happy to hear your needs and extend our data delivery platform.