Core technologies powering our services and infrastructure

Advanced modeling

At the heart of our working philosophy lies the belief in personalizing solutions based on the specificity of the task at hand.

We understand that each challenge represents a unique set of requirements, and our approach to problem-solving reflects just that. We’ve designed our diverse range of in-house modeling tool s in such a way that caters to the various needs that arise in different scenarios, keeping in mind the right blend of performance and function.

Recognizing the significance of high-performance and scalable computing, we employ accelerated and distributed computing methodologies to ensure our solutions are not only efficient but also easily adaptable across different scales. Whether it’s handling a small dataset or dealing with large, complex data, our wide range of expertise ensures that our solutions maintain their efficacy.

We embrace collaboration with our clients, and whenever a custom-made model is needed, we will work to co-develop bespoke models.

Our vast experience has led us to develop and test models that cater to various industries and use-cases. These include, but are not limited to, electricity and gas demand forecasts, renewable generation forecasts, and automated data-driven portfolio characterization, enhancing decision-making. Our advanced models for data cleaning, missing data imputation, and outlier detection, ensure the consistency and reliability of all dataset we work with, no matter the source.


In today’s highly competitive and dynamic energy industry, having access to accurate and timely information on energy demand and renewable generation is paramount.

However, dealing with the intricate processes of data engineering, processing, and delivery can be quite a daunting task for many. That’s where we come in.

We have crafted a reliable and solid platform that aims to bridge the gap between complex information machine learning models and their end users. Our primary objective is to provide clients with high-accuracy forecast data, hiding the complicated world of data analysis, processing, and distribution from our clients.

Our automated infrastructure and team of dedicated professionals works behind the scenes to ensure that every piece of information provided to our clients is accurate, relevant, and valuable, handling the heavy lifting when it comes to data management and machine learning.

Big Data Warehousing

In today’s world, available data is growing extremely fast, especially demand data from next generation metering.

We understand the challenges that come with managing such data, and that’s why we’ve created our high-performance metering database. Our aim is to provide you with a dependable and user-friendly solution to help you sail through the enormous sea of data points with ease.

Our metering database is designed to handle the heavy lifting, allowing you to smoothly query and process billions and trillions of data points within seconds or minutes. This speed ensures that you stay ahead of the curve in making crucial decisions and analyzing your portfolio.

We also understand the importance of data integrity and accountability . With our database, you can rest assured that you’ll always be able to trace the source of your data, providing you with confidence in the accuracy and reliability of your information.

Moreover, we know that different users have varying needs, and processing data to suit individual requirements can be a time-consuming affair. Our solution takes this burden off your shoulders by ensuring that the data is fully processed and tailored to accommodate the specific needs of the end-users. This means that you can focus on what truly matters – making informed decisions based on accurate and meaningful insights.